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Who Is Jessgo?

Jessica Gorlicky is a mainstay in Toronto’s trendy art scene. Her urban chic style and live, colorful creations have resonated with city socialites and hipsters for the past decade. They’ve brought her art to the walls of fashionable restaurants, the runways of retail powerhouses, and the spotlight of some of the most publicized events of the year.

Jessica is not just an artist, she is a bundle of creativity, bursting with innovative ideas to express her zest for life. It was only a matter of time before Jessica turned art into a spectacle. 

Traveling across Canada as a live painter, Jessica was inspired to start a series of YouTube videos titled Art In Motion, bringing the energy of the stage onto the street. Her videos, which show her painting a live portrait in minutes on the subway, in alleyways, on the beach, and even in the aisles of a moving plane, have gone viral, generating thousands of hits.

A unique artist and individual, Jessica ensures her individuality is reflected in her work by only creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Since the start of her professional painting career at the age of 23, Jessica has adhered to this practice of creating one-of-a-kind works of art. 

What inspires Jessica? That is the number one question people always ask her. “The answer is absolutely everything. A better question is, what doesn’t inspire me?” She says laughing. “Life is about experiencing it all and finding out who you really are and what you want and what you love. If it feels right, keep doing it.”

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